Nipple punishment (FULL Version) PainToy

Nipple punishment

Nipple punishment

We choose to take a various tack with Dana and try focusing on her big puffy nipple areas, bracing and strapping them till they’re red and painful. Obviously we can’t stand up to obtaining a few strokes in on her thighs and butt as well … Hate is a slow-moving, repugnant emotional state that can sneak its way into one of the most tender of hearts. So when Dana claims she dislikes Dru for injuring her, there’s just one response: hurt her more. Dana might howl, weep, weep and plead when we’re whipping her, yet the truth she prevents coming back seems to advise one point: she likes the whip. She’s back for some additional, and she entrusts yet one more lovely collection of welts around her ass and back. When we discover Dana wearing a slutty outfit that’s slit up the back, putting her fat, bald cunt on show every single time she flexes over, it’s time for some serious willpower. Dru canes Dana into hysterics and afterwards ends up with the dressage whip. Dana didn’t do anything incorrect this time, we merely seemed like caning her tits and spanking her butt. We include some electrical power to the mix and give her thighs a little bit of a shock, and then proceed with the walking stick.

Contents: BDSM, Torture, Piercing, Bondage, Spanking, Hardcore
Productor: Pain Toy
Starring: Dana. Format: mp4
Length: 1:03:11
Video: 720×480, AVC (H.264), 972kbps
Audio: 124kbps

File size: 510.2 MB

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FetishNation Extreme – BondageAndSex2 – Sammy Grand

The conclusion of “Bondage and Sex”….The final four scenes. If Sammy was going to squirt uncontrollably I wish she would have said something. Too many orgasms all in a row. Too much pleasure and too much pain all at the same time. Sammy is once again rewarded with Seth’s hard cock. Down her throat then slammed in her pussy.

I think Seth has proven himself worthy of flying solo next time he’s back with us. Let’s have him get in there and see what he can really do.

Models: Sammy Grand and Seth Dickens
Studio: FetishNation. Format: 960 x 540 Widescreen HD. TRT: 37 Minutes
File size: 303.9 MB

Click to download: FetishNation Extreme – BondageAndSex2 – Sammy Grand

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Insex – Burning Bush (313)

Burning Bush

Burning Bush

Walking canes, combustion, and cunt. 313, a Paintoy lady, smolders. Creamy skin, unblemished and smooth, wound about with rope. Her shrub is burned, eliminated in hanks, and cut up until you view everything, the gape of her pussy, its pulse.
Every little thing is easy at the beginning. She’s calm, constrained. But then cords associations her neck to the article. A wedge is used to tighten up the cords. You could view it in her eyes, a slightly panic. Very little. Not yet. A clip grabs her shrub and is tied above, keeping her back curved outward. He canes the backs and fronts of her upper legs, then her pussy, still pulled back, hidden.
It scorches her skin and beats versus her cunt. Her bush bursts into fire. The cane returns, mercilessly below her feet and armpits.
She is then bound after her back with her legs dispersed back to the straight bar, supplying a marvelous perspective of her cunt. Tongs grasp hanks of her singed bush and deposit them into her mouth, held open with an oral gag. The straight razor blade her skin. The residues of her bush fill her mouth. Four clips understand her cunt, establisheding her. She looks to be constructed from porcelain, pale pink. Rips fall from her eyes. A paint brush apprehendeds them and swabs them onto her pussy. An inflatable vibrator penetrates her. But when he canes her feet and thighs, her suffering takes control. The vibrator flashes. Her cunt seem breathing, gasping with her every gasp.
Linked inverted to the blog post and dangling, she is fucked by Mr. Pogo and caned once more. This time on her breasts. A solitary tail breaks at her body. Much more splits. She is beyond panic now. She alreadies existing in his domain name.
As though putting away a toy for the night, she’s left connected on her side, gagged and hooded.

Contents: BDSM, Extreme Bondage, Domination, Fetish, Torture, Humiliation, Spanking, Rubber
Productor: Insex. Starring: 313. Video language: English. Format: real
Length: 46:27
Video: 320×240, RV30
Audio: 43kbps

File size: 75.6 MB

FilesMonster free downloads: Insex – Burning Bush (313)

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